Pine Lake Cottage


Rental Contract

Pine Lake Cottage Rental
11339 Sunset Point Drive
Plainwell, Michigan 49080


Owner: Nicole Nielson  

Rental Agreement
This is a print and fax/mail agreement


Vacation Rental Information:
Tenant Information:



Telphone Work:_____________Home:_____________Cell:_____________


Date In:_____________________________

Date Out:____________________________

Number of Adults:_____________________

Number of Children and Ages:________________________________

Lease Amount:_______________
Rental Deposit_______________
Refundable Security Deposit and Exit Cleaning Fee: $100.00

Are you inviting Guests during any part of your stay?    NO                             YES (please explain)




No. of cars and/or vehicles that will be parked at house (                        ).  Visitor’s vehicles?  (                          ).
Please note, there is no street parking available.

But, there’s parking for 3 Car’s



Terms of Rental Agreement:
A. Arrival/Departure Times: Check in time is 3:00 p.m. on day of arrival and check out time is 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure. You will need to call at least one week in advance for the key code.

B. Damages and Entry. Guest understands that the rental property is a private residence and agrees to notify Owner or Manager for any loss or damage to the Premises or its contents during guest’s stay. Guests are asked to leave the property in the same condition as upon occupancy. Upon not less than 24 hour notice, Tenant shall make the premises available during normal business hours to Owner or Manager for the purpose of entering to a) make necessary or agreed repairs, decorations, alterations or improvements or supply necessary or agreed services or to remove any prohibited signs or items placed in or around the property. In an emergency, Owner or Manager may enter the premises at any time, without prior permission from Tenant.

C. Telephone: Sorry no Phones

D. Pets: Pets are not permitted. If Owner or Manager chooses to make an exception to this rule, Tenant agrees to pay a refundable pet deposit and/or extra charges for carpet, furniture and deep cleaning.

E. Smoking. No smoking is allowed on the premises (inside).

F. Occupants. Only those designated in this agreement as Tenant shall occupy the unit unless written consent of Owner or Manager is obtained. Tenant agrees to abide by all occupancy rules of association or other governing agency.

G. Sleeping Capacity/Disturbances: Tenants and all other occupants will be required to vacate the premises and forfeit the rental fee and security deposit for any of the following: a. Occupancy exceeding the sleeping capacity stated on this contract; b. Doing or having anything illegal at the premises either inside or outside, including, but not limited to, the possession, serving or consumption of alcoholic beverages by or to persons less than 21 years of age; c. Causing damage to the property or to any neighboring properties; d. Any other acts which interfere with neighbor’s right to quiet enjoyment of their property.

H. Early Departure: Because this is a private home with a private lease, there can be no credit given in case of early departure.
I. Cancellation Terms: For a weekly rental, (I) Tenant may cancel this agreement and pay a $300 cancellation fee to Owner. At the Owner's discretion, the $300 deposit may possibly be refunded if the house can be booked for the same period and for the same amount of rent. (2) Larger deposits will be required for longer-term rentals

J. Lake. Because there are no lifeguards or other attendants at the lake, Tenants are expressly responsible for the safety of them selves, members of their families, and guests using the lake, and in so using or permitting to be used, specifically waive any and all liability claims. No Tenant shall permit any juvenile member of his family or guest to play in or around the lake without providing an attendant who is able to swim and can protect such juvenile in case of difficulty in the water. Tenant is expected to conduct himself as a guest with reasonable decorum and violent games, and exercises are not permitted. Any and all sorts of diving are not permitted off the Docks; This area is not deep enough for such activities to be considered safe.

K. Docks, Deck and Patio: Tenant hereby acknowledges that the property they have reserved has docks. The undersigned is fully aware that the surrounding areas can be dangerous and slippery when wet and that injury is likely to occur to anyone who is not careful. Tenants should observe and adhere to all rules and policies as posted at the property and noted in this lease. With full knowledge of the above facts and warnings, the undersigned accepts and assumes all risks involved in or related to the lake dock.

L. Risk of Loss. Personal Property of Tenant and Tenant’s invitees shall be kept at the premises at the sole risk of Tenant. Manager shall not be liable for any damages and losses of any kind, including but not limited to, vandalism and theft. It is advised that valuables not be brought or left in the home. There are no vaults, safes or facilities available to store valuables. All personal property of Tenant, guests or invitees of Tenant shall be kept on the premises at their own risk.

M. Failure of Equipment: In the event of failure of equipment to work, please notify the Manager first and repairs will be made. Tenant, however expressly waives and relinquishes any rights or claims against the Manager for any damage that may result to Tenant from lack of maintenance, repair, defect, including or Managers for ordinary negligence. There will be no refund of all or part of the rental amount for any failure of any of the equipment to work.

N. Maintenance. Manager shall be responsible for structural repairs and repairs to existing plumbing, electrical, phone wiring, appliances, air conditioning and heating systems not caused by Tenant’s misuse or neglect and or Manager’s liability shall be limited to the repair. Manager shall not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages. Tenant may not make any structural or decorative changes to the premises and Manager is not responsible for making decorative improvements at Tenant’s request. Manager will order repairs in a timely manner once notification is given by Tenant, but Manager has no control over the scheduling availability of vendors.

O. Cleaning Charges. Tenant agrees to pay the housecleaning charges. Tenant is required to wash all dishes before checkout, have dishwasher emptied and have ‘all‘ trash out to curbside. Tenant authorizes Manager at their discretion to deduct out of security deposit for extra cleaning charges for excessive dirt and/or ‘sand‘, furniture stains, carpet or tile stains, fingerprints, excessive laundry, food or drink stains left  on deck or barbeque area, dead fish or shells left in or around the house or property, cigarette butts, candles or debris from any kind of fireworks or water balloons, etc, extra trash not taken out or left behind, etc.

P. Cleaning/Damage Deposit. This Deposit is required with all confirmed reservations and shall not be applied to the rent. Manager may apply Deposit to cleaning charges, and damages as applicable. Deposit balances will be refunded after Manager Receives  Any damages caused by Tenant will be deducted from the Deposit but not necessarily limited to the amount of the Deposit.

Q. Starting Fires on the Premises: Candles and cigarettes are not permitted inside. The fire pit and barbeque must not be left unattended under any circumstances for fire safety reasons. BBQ is provided as a convenience and Tenant assumes responsibility to use the BBQ grill responsibly and to make sure children are protected from it.

R. Hazardous materials: It is unknown if there are hazardous materials present that will affect the Tenant, Tenant’s guests or invitees, both inside, outside and/or on nearby premises or property. Hazardous substances can include cleaning chemicals, detergents, washing soaps, paint, personal hygiene products, lawn and garden chemicals, fertilizers, pest control chemicals or products, chlorine and pool cleaning products and a variety of indoor or outdoor air pollutants.

S. Hold Harmless: Tenant agrees to hold the Manager harmless of any injuries or claims caused by or contributed to by accidents, allergic reactions, or any other casualties or health problems which may arise during tenancy or as a result of said tenancy. Safety precautions undertaken by Manager are not foolproof, and Tenant shall hold Manager harmless from all claims to person or property arising out of the use and occupancy of the premises.

T. Attorney’s Fees: Should it become necessary for Manager to employ an attorney to enforce the terms and conditions of this rental agreement, Tenant shall be responsible for all costs and Attorney’s fees.

U. Joint and Several Liability: All guests shall be jointly and severally liable for all terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

V. Use of the Property: This property will not be used for functions such as weddings, wedding receptions, family reunions, or any other gatherings involving more than the maximum number of occupants specified in this rental agreement except with prior approval Manager.

W. Act of God: Should the property be destroyed by fire or other casualty so as to become unfit for human habitation prior to occupancy by Tenant, this lease shall become null and void and all payments made hereunder shall be refunded to Tenant, who agrees to hold the Manager harmless in such a case. Should the property be rendered uninhabitable by an Act of God (including but not limited to hurricanes, storms, floods, environmental disaster), during tenancy, reimbursement on a per diem basis will be negotiated between the Manager and Tenant. If Tenant has already received a discount lower than lowest published rate on website, this will be factored into the reimbursement amount.

X. Assignment: Tenant shall not assign this agreement or sublet the premises or any part thereof. Any unauthorized transfer of interest by the Tenant shall be material breach of this rental agreement.
Y. Time is of the Essence: Time is of the essence with respect to all time periods contained in this agreement.

Pine Lake Cottage
Owner: Nicole Nielson
Make Checks payable to:  Nicole Nielson

 Mail To:  1044 Borgstrom
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198